Millions of people suffer from migraine headaches, suffering from debilitating pain, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. Most people with migraines spend a significant part of their lives seeking treatment for their headaches and other symptoms through medication or behavioral therapy, neither of which are permanent or particularly effective.

Migraine Surgery in NYC

Albert Plastic Surgery offers surgical procedures for deactivation of migraine headache trigger sites. This surgery is done in our New York plastic surgery center and recommended only after you have been screened by a neurologist and diagnosed as having chronic migraine headaches.

Specifically our New York migraine headache surgery candidates who have being diagnosed by a neurologist should have chronic headaches that last several hours, at least several times per month. You might tried many different types of therapies and still remain debilitated by migraine headaches. You might be experiencing side effects from migraine headache treatment and are looking for a permanent, surgical, non-pharmacological solution.

Migraine Headache Trigger Point Surgery

The first step before surgery is to identify the muscular, nerve, or anatomical trigger points for your migraine headaches. A common trigger point is for migraines that originate from the forehead, above the eyebrows or between the eyes. In this case we us a technique similar to a forehead lift. In some cases, the origination may be in the temples, especially if you have a history of TMJ. In both the previous cases, surgery requires with an upper eyelid or hairline incision. Another type of migraine originates in the sinuses or septum, behind the nose and eyes. In this case surgery is required to correct deviated septum or sinus issues that cause pressure and discomfort. Finally, some migraines originate in the neck. These are called occipital migraines and require surgery around the nerves and muscles of the neck.

Before surgery, Dr. Albert will use trigger point confirmation techniques to assess which migraine trigger point(s) are at fault for your particular migraine headaches.  This consists of in-office assessments using various testing methods and nerve blocking agents such as BOTOX®, as well as reviewing your migraine history and detailed patient diagnosis information from other doctors.

Migraine Surgery Consultation

Consultation is available for you if you are seeking surgical migraine treatments.

Solve your migraines once and for all with migraine headache surgery. Manhattan and New York City patients should contact Dr. Albert online or by phone at (212) 203-8623.


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