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We often think of the aging process as something that primarily impacts our appearance in the face and neck. What many of us don’t realize, however, is that our body tissues age everywhere, and that the aging process can impact us in a wide variety of ways. Many patients come to Albert Plastic Surgery feeling frustrated by the changing appearance of their thighs and upper legs. Some might simply feel dissatisfied with the thighs they were born with, and would appreciate a more firm and toned look. Whatever your motivation may be, Dr. Albert has the solution for you. A thigh lift with Dr. Albert in NYC can help you enjoy a more toned look by removing unwanted fat and trimming away excess skin that sags or droops. The result will be a toned and fit look that enhances your sense of body confidence, and your overall quality of life right along with it. If you’d like to learn more about the thigh lift and how it can benefit you, our team is standing by and ready to help. Reach out to Albert Plastic Surgery at our NYC location and speak with a helpful staff member to set up your initial consultation today. Your cosmetic ideal awaits.

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Should I Choose a Thigh Lift?

While the aging process is certainly one of the main factors that can motivate a patient to consider the thigh lift, other lifestyle events can lead to this choice as well. Significant weight loss, for example, can often result in the presence of loose or sagging skin. Sometimes, simple genetics are responsible for the appearance of the thighs. These issues can cause physical discomfort in certain outfits while also leading to emotional frustration and cosmetic dissatisfaction.

You’re likely to be a great candidate for a thigh lift with Dr. Albert in NYC if you’re interested in addressing issues like:

  • Inner thigh rashes
  • Loose skin
  • A flabby appearance
  • Excess skin
  • Chafing
  • A disproportionate look

Thigh Lift Before & After

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Which Type of Thigh Lift Is Right for Me?

When you visit Dr. Albert for your consultation, he’ll get the chance to learn about your goals and will get to know what you hope to achieve with this procedure. He can give you a clear idea of what this procedure can accomplish, while also educating you thoroughly about things like incision placement and the surgical techniques he’ll be using to create your results. You’ll get to work with him to explore different techniques, and land on the choice that’s right for you, your body type, and your personal goals.

Inner Thigh Lift

This technique specifically addresses lax, loose skin running from the knees to the inner thighs.

Mini Thigh Lift

This is an ideal technique for those with minimal sagging that is only present in the upper legs.

Outer Thigh Lift

If you are interested in a lower body lift, this procedure can be performed concurrently.

Spiral Thigh Lift

The “spiral” technique specifically addresses loose skin on the backs of your thighs.

Discover Your Surgical Gold Standard

At Albert Plastic Surgery, it’s all about you. Our goal is to become your gold standard for true, head-to-toe rejuvenation by offering you an impressively robust selection of both surgical and non-surgical options, brought to you by a passionate team and made possible by the expert guidance of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark G. Albert, MD, FACS. Our offices utilize state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced techniques possible to ensure that you enjoy a surgical outcome that truly surpasses your expectations.

Interested in learning more? Our team is standing by and will be ready to help you out. Reach out to Albert Plastic Surgery in NYC and speak with a helpful staff member to set up your initial consultation today.

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Your Surgical Experience

Your thigh lift surgery will be performed while you’re under general anesthesia. You will remain asleep throughout the surgery and will need someone to drive you home and help you out for the rest of the day while your anesthesia wears off (you will be able to return home once the surgery is completed). Most thigh lifts take about two hours to complete.

Dr. Albert will make incisions according to your surgical plan and will work to ensure that you know exactly where they will be placed before the day of your surgery, so you can know what to expect in terms of post-surgical scarring. These incisions will enable Dr. Albert to remove unwanted fat, trim away excess skin, and generally create your ideal results.

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