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Revision rhinoplasty is a version of rhinoplasty that is ideal for patients who have already chosen rhinoplasty with another physician but who are not satisfied with their results. Revision rhinoplasty may be right for you if you are interested in further changes to the size, shape, and projection of your, or if you feel as though you have difficulty breathing after a previous rhinoplasty procedure has been performed. Dr. Albert frequently performs corrective rhinoplasty to improve upon previously-performed operations and can help you achieve the outcome you originally desired. If you’d like to learn more about how revision rhinoplasty can help you, our team is here to help. Dissatisfaction with the results of a surgical procedure can be upsetting, so Dr. Albert and his team will work closely with you to create results that restore your peace of mind and your appearance, as well. To get started, reach out to us at our NYC office and set up your consultation today.

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When to Consider Corrective Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an incredibly popular cosmetic procedure, but it’s relatively common to encounter patients who are unhappy with the results of a previous surgery for whatever reason. In some cases, patients might find that their rhinoplasty results don’t complement their face or contribute to a sense of facial harmony in the way that they had hoped. In other cases, they might find that their breathing ability has not been restored to the degree that they had anticipated. Dr. Mark Albert is here to help in either case and will perform revision rhinoplasty in a way that sees you meeting your goals and enjoying a nose that is right for you.

The Initial Consultation

Revision rhinoplasty is never performed in the same way twice. This is primarily because of the fact that this surgery is highly individualized, with a treatment plan that will be customized according to the specific issues you’d like to overcome and the results you’re most interested in seeing. Once he gets to know your physical characteristics and cosmetic goals, Dr. Albert will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan. 

During your consultation, he’ll explain everything about your upcoming surgery and what you can expect to experience, while also giving you detailed information about the aftercare process and more. This gives us the ability to address any questions or concerns that you might have, so you can enjoy sustained peace of mind as you get ready to enjoy the exciting outcome of your revision rhinoplasty surgery in NYC.

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Restoring Your Appearance

During your corrective rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Albert will make incisions according to your treatment plan, utilizing the closed scarless rhinoplasty technique. While this approach to nose surgery may be a little more complicated, it’s also better for the patient in a number of ways. Not only does this technique avoid the need for any visible post-surgical scarring, but it also leaves the tissues surrounding the treatment area undisturbed for a more brief and comfortable recovery experience.

Dr. Albert is proud to have developed what is known as the "limited incision scarless rhinoplasty" technique. This approach to revision rhinoplasty involves the placement of fewer incisions than regular closed and open rhinoplasty. For the patient, this means that you'll experience a higher level of comfort during the experience, with minimized swelling after the procedure is over and reduced downtime, as well.

Your procedure will likely take between one and two hours to complete, and Dr. Albert will ensure that you know exactly what to expect from the procedure. Revision rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure. Once we’ve completed your surgery at our AAAASF-accredited operating center, you’ll be able to return home and rest comfortably (though you will need a friend to drive you and help you out for the first day, as your anesthesia will be in the process of wearing off.)

Enjoying Your Final Results

Most patients find that they’re able to return to work after about 10 days, though it can take up to three or four weeks for your bruising and swelling to subside completely. We’ll provide you with everything you need to stay comfortable as you recover, and our team will be available to you at all times should you have any questions or concerns.

We’ll be sure to schedule follow-up appointments so that we can ensure that you are staying comfortable and healing properly, and to address any issues that might arise during the healing process. Most patients are able to notice their final results after about five or six weeks, at which point you’ll absolutely love your new look.

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Discover the Dr. Albert Difference

Since 2017, Albert Plastic Surgery has been earning a reputation for excellence in the NYC area, and this is due in no small part to the leadership and innovation provided by founder and medical director Dr. Mark G. Albert MD, FACS.

As a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Albert comes with a deep well of experience and an impressively high level of training that enable him to call upon extensive technical knowledge and a well-defined artistic sensibility to create naturalistic results that truly bring out his patients’ beauty.

If you’d like to learn more about what Dr. Albert can do for you, our team is standing by and ready to help. Simply reach out to us at our luxurious NYC offices and speak with a helpful staff member to set up your initial consultation today.

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