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What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is a version of rhinoplasty that is ideal for patients who have already chosen rhinoplasty with another plastic surgeon but are not satisfied with their results. Rhinoplasty patients often wish for further changes to their size, shape, and projection, such as modifying a bulbous tip more. Some feel they have difficulty breathing after a previous rhinoplasty procedure has been performed. Dr. Albert, an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon, frequently performs corrective rhinoplasty to improve upon previously performed operations and can help you achieve the desired outcome. If you’d like to learn more about how revision rhinoplasty in NYC can help you, our team is here to help. Dissatisfaction with the results of a surgical procedure can be upsetting, so Dr. Albert and his team will work closely with you to create results that restore your peace of mind and appearance. To get started, contact us at our NYC office and schedule your consultation today.

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Does Revision Rhinoplasty Have to be Open? Answered by Dr. Albert

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"A common misconception is that complex revision rhinoplasty can only be performed open. This is not the case. I perform 100% of rhinoplasty closed whether a patient has had 1 rhinoplasty before or 5. There are no maneuvers or techniques that can be done open that can't be done closed, and performing these procedures closed allows for less bruising, swelling, and overall downtime while minimizing some risks that come with open rhinoplasty."

- Dr. Mark G. Albert, Plastic Surgeon

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Why Choose Dr. Albert As Your Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dr. Albert stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of revision rhinoplasty surgery. With a distinguished background and a passion for precision, here’s why choosing Dr. Albert for your revision rhinoplasty in NYC is the definitive choice for your aesthetic journey:

  • Expertise: Dr. Albert brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Trained in the most esteemed institutions and mentored by pioneers in the field, his expertise is unparalleled.
  • Specialization: With a focus on rhinoplasty, Dr. Albert has honed his skills to perfection. He understands the intricacies and complexities of secondary nasal surgeries, ensuring optimal outcomes for his patients.
  • Innovative Techniques: Dr. Albert is at the forefront of surgical innovation. He employs the latest advancements in technology and techniques to achieve natural, harmonious results tailored to each patient's unique anatomy.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Dr. Albert’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the operating room. He prioritizes patient safety, satisfaction, and comfort, providing personalized care every step of the way.
  • Recognitions and Accreditations: Dr. Albert’s credentials speak volumes about his proficiency. Board-certified and affiliated with prestigious medical societies, he maintains the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Choosing Dr. Albert means entrusting your revision rhinoplasty journey to a seasoned professional dedicated to achieving exceptional results. Experience the difference with Dr. Albert – where artistry meets expertise.

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Patient TestimonialsWe value our patients' feedback

Dr Mark Albert is beyond amazing.

I don't know where to begin. Dr Mark Albert is beyond amazing. He performed a closed Rhinoplasty on me 1 week ago and I instantly felt so amazing. This procedure was a painless pro...

S Sammii E.

Heart of gold, hands of Platinum!

Heart of gold, hands of Platinum! The staff is incredible, the surgeon has so much experience I didn’t feel a thing for my local anesthesia face and neck lift!! Don’t hesitate just...

B Beverly G.

Dr Albert saved my face!!!!

Dr Albert saved my face!!!! I cannot recommend Dr Albert highly enough! I had issues with scars on my face, and miraculously he took care of it! He has helped me so much, and also ...

J Jean G.

10/10 would recommend

Dr Albert is great and his nurses are amazing as well. The office is beautiful, and the appointment was quick but all my questions were answered and the team made sure to ask me if...

B Brooke B.

Exceptional Bedside Manner

I’m over the moon with my rhinoplasty results by Dr. Albert! Wish I would have done this years ago! He’s so friendly and I felt at ease choosing him to do my surgery. I also had a ...

L Lisa L.

Top-Notch Work

Loved his work! I got a nose job, which is healing beautifully. The staff is very friendly and helped me through all the processes and quickly/comprehensively answered any question...

R Rachel S.

The Best...Hands Down

Dr. Albert is hands down the best plastic surgeon I could have asked for and I would recommend him to anyone. He not only gave me my dream nose, but also was so kind, helpful, and ...

B Becca M.

An Amazing Team

Dr Albert and his team are amazing. I went in for a scar revision on my face and after 5 stitches and almost 2 years post op I have never felt more beautiful and happy with the way...

A Alex G.

Extremely Professional and Friendly

Dr. Albert and the staff are amazing. Extremely professional and friendly. From the moment you walk into the office you feel welcomed.

R Ron P.

I highly recommend this practice.

I was very nervous about any kind of surgery, but was so self conscious about my neck that I had a few consultations. I am so grateful to Dr. Albert for my neck lift - I wish I had...

D Dawn T.
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How Soon Can I Have My Revision Done?

The timing for a revision rhinoplasty varies depending on individual circumstances and the extent of healing from the original procedure. Generally, it's advisable to wait at least a year after the initial rhinoplasty to allow the nose to fully heal and the swelling to subside. This waiting period allows for a more accurate assessment of the results and ensures that any adjustments made during the revision surgery are based on stable tissue. Consulting with Dr. Albert will provide personalized guidance on the ideal timing for your revision rhinoplasty, ensuring optimal outcomes.

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How Often Do People Need a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Per studies, it's estimated that between 5% to 15% of rhinoplasty procedures may require revision. While rhinoplasty is generally considered a safe and effective procedure for enhancing the appearance and function of the nose, there are instances where patients may not achieve their desired results or experience complications that necessitate revision surgery. One notable example is the case of Priyanka Chopra, a prominent Hollywood actress, who reportedly underwent rhinoplasty that did not yield the desired outcome. Despite her initial hopes for cosmetic improvement, the procedure resulted in an outcome that was perceived as less favorable by both the actress and the public.

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How Can I Ensure I Have a Successful Procedure?

Factors contributing to the need for revision rhinoplasty may include inadequate communication between the patient and surgeon regarding expectations, unrealistic aesthetic goals, surgical technique, or unexpected healing responses.

Patients considering revision rhinoplasty should have realistic expectations regarding the outcome and understand that the healing process may take time. Open communication with Dr. Albert, thorough preoperative discussions, and a clear understanding of the goals are essential for a successful revision rhinoplasty experience.

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Primary, Secondary, and Revision Rhinoplasty: What Are the Differences?

  • Primary rhinoplasty: This refers to the initial or first-time nasal surgery performed on a patient who has not undergone any previous nasal surgeries.
  • Secondary Rhinoplasty: This term typically refers to a planned follow-up surgery after the initial rhinoplasty, often performed to fine-tune or adjust the results of the primary procedure.
  • Revision Rhinoplasty: This is a broader term that encompasses any nasal surgery performed after a previous rhinoplasty, regardless of the reason.

Can Other Procedures be Combined with Revision Rhinoplasty?

Yes, other procedures can often be combined with revision rhinoplasty to address multiple concerns at once and achieve comprehensive facial harmony. Commonly combined procedures include:

Dr. Albert will assess your unique needs and goals during the consultation to determine the most appropriate combination of procedures to achieve your desired aesthetic outcomes while ensuring optimal safety and recovery.

What Are Some Common Concerns to Revision Rhinoplasty?

Considerations for secondary and revision rhinoplasty surgeries involve managing scar tissue and altered anatomy from previous procedures, potential challenges in cartilage availability for reconstruction, addressing functional issues such as breathing difficulties, the importance of skilled surgeons, and the significance of preoperative planning. A study conducted by the Aesthetic Society highlights some of these complexities of secondary and revision rhinoplasty.

What All Can Be Corrected with Revision Rhinoplasty?

An expert revision rhinoplasty surgeon can offer the chance to fix various issues from previous nose jobs that may still bother you. This includes things like fixing any lumps or bumps left over, making sure both sides of your nose look even, and addressing any problems with how well you can breathe through your nose. If your first nose job didn't give you the results you wanted, revision rhinoplasty can help you get closer to the look you're hoping for. Dr. Albert can work with you to understand your concerns and make sure your revision surgery helps you feel more confident about your nose.

Our Impressive Results with Revision Rhinoplasty

View More Revision Rhinoplasty Results

See this Amazing Revision Rhinoplasty Transformation

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Hear From Our Revision Rhinoplasty Patient

"Dr. Albert recently did an amazing revision rhinoplasty on my nose. After my first rhinoplasty I was left w a nose that I was still very unhappy with, But Dr Albert was able to help me achieve the results I was looking for to a T. His staff Brittney and Dominque were extremely helpful through the entire process as well. The day of surgery was super comfortable and smooth. Would Highly recommend to anyone looking to have a rhinoplasty done or any other facial procedure done."

-Oliva D.

How is the Revision Rhinoplasty Consultation Done?

Rhinoplasty is never performed in the same way twice. This is primarily because this surgery is highly individualized, with a treatment plan that will be customized according to the specific issues you’d like to overcome and the results you’re most interested in seeing. Once Dr. Albert gets to know your physical characteristics and cosmetic goals, Dr. Albert will work with you to develop a customized surgical plan. 

During your consultation, he’ll explain everything about your upcoming surgery and what you can expect while giving you detailed information about the aftercare process. This allows us to address any questions or concerns you might have so you can enjoy sustained peace of mind as you get ready to enjoy the exciting outcome of your revision rhinoplasty in NYC.

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What Occurs During a Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure?

During your corrective rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Albert will make incisions according to your surgical plan, utilizing the closed scarless rhinoplasty technique. While this approach to nose surgery may be a little more complicated, it’s also better for the patient in a number of ways. Not only does this technique avoid the need for any visible post-surgical scarring, but it also leaves the tissues surrounding the treatment area undisturbed for a more brief and comfortable recovery experience.

Dr. Albert is proud to have developed what is known as the "limited incision scarless rhinoplasty" technique. This approach to revision rhinoplasty involves the placement of fewer incisions than regular closed and open rhinoplasty. For the patient, this means that you'll experience a higher level of comfort during the experience, with minimized swelling after the procedure is over and reduced downtime, as well.

Your procedure will likely take between one and two hours to complete, and Dr. Albert will ensure that you know exactly what to expect from the procedure. Revision rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure. Once we’ve completed your surgery at our AAAASF-accredited operating center, you’ll be able to return home and rest comfortably (though you will need a friend to drive you and help you out for the first day, as your anesthesia will be in the process of wearing off.)

What Results Can I Expect After My Revision Rhinoplasty?

Most patients find that they’re able to return to work after about 10 days, though it can take up to three or four weeks for your bruising and swelling to subside completely. We’ll provide you with everything you need to stay comfortable as you recover, and our team will be available to you at all times should you have any questions or concerns.

We’ll be sure to schedule follow-up appointments so that we can ensure that you are staying comfortable and healing properly, and to address any issues that might arise during the healing process. Most patients are able to notice their final results after about five or six weeks, at which point you’ll absolutely love your new look.

Are There Any Risks to My Procedure?

Choosing Dr. Albert for your revision rhinoplasty ensures expert care and attention to minimize potential risks. With Dr. Albert's expertise and meticulous approach, you can trust in a positive surgical experience. While all surgeries carry risks, including infection, bleeding, swelling, and adverse reactions to anesthesia, Dr. Albert's commitment to patient safety and satisfaction ensures that concerns are addressed with utmost care, leading to beautiful, natural-looking results.

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Is a second nose job risky?

Is it possible to achieve natural-looking results with revision rhinoplasty, particularly if my primary surgery resulted in an unnatural appearance?

Why is Rib Cartilage used for rhinoplasty?

What are the considerations for patients who have undergone multiple unsuccessful rhinoplasty procedures and are seeking revision surgery?

Can I get my old nose back with revision rhinoplasty?

Are there non surgical ways to correct a prior nose job?

Can a revision rhinoplasty correct a upturned nose?

Is a second nose job risky?

Yes, a second nose job carries inherent risks such as tissue damage, scarring, and breathing difficulties due to the altered nasal structure, but discussing these concerns with a surgeon during consultation can help manage and minimize potential complications.

Is it possible to achieve natural-looking results with revision rhinoplasty, particularly if my primary surgery resulted in an unnatural appearance?

Yes, even if your first surgery resulted in an unnatural appearance, a skilled surgeon such as Dr. Albert can create a more balanced look tailored to you.

Why is Rib Cartilage used for rhinoplasty?

Rib cartilage is commonly used in rhinoplasty due to its strength, versatility, and biocompatibility, allowing for customized structural support and long-lasting results in nasal reconstruction or augmentation procedures.

What are the considerations for patients who have undergone multiple unsuccessful rhinoplasty procedures and are seeking revision surgery?

Recent studies highlight that the most significant complications in revision rhinoplasty occur in the nasal bridge and tip, underscoring the importance of thorough preoperative planning and selecting a surgeon experienced in addressing these specific concerns.

Can I get my old nose back with revision rhinoplasty?

While revision rhinoplasty aims to improve the appearance of the nose, it may not be possible to recreate your exact pre-surgery nose due to alterations in the underlying nasal bone structure, cartilage, and soft tissue. However, Dr. Albert will work to restore a more natural and harmonious aesthetic & appearance aligned with your goals.

Are there non surgical ways to correct a prior nose job?

Yes, options like fillers or laser treatments exist, but consulting with a qualified surgeon is crucial for the best approach.

Can a revision rhinoplasty correct a upturned nose?

Yes, revision rhinoplasty by Dr. Albert can typically correct an upturned nose by addressing underlying anatomical structures and reshaping the nasal tip

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