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Say Goodbye to Facial Aging

AccuTite is the smallest minimally invasive treatment available, giving you the ability to tighten your skin in various areas of the face with minimal downtime. You can address increased laxity in a number of areas like the eyelids, brows, nasolabial folds, mouth, chin, and much more. This exciting, non-surgical treatment is just one of the many minimally invasive alternatives we offer here at Albert Plastic Surgery, and we’ll be excited to help you explore the various ways we can enhance your look without impacting your busy schedule. If you’d like to learn more about AccuTite or the other procedures we offer, we’re excited to hear from you. Reach out to Albert Plastic Surgery in NYC and speak with a member of our team to set up your initial consultation today.

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Is AccuTite Right for Me?

Some of the most common signs that the aging process has taken place are seen in areas like the face and neck, but they can also impact our look in other areas, as well. AccuTite offers you the agility you need to nip the aging process in the bud no matter where it has started to make itself visible and can be used to address age-related concerns in a number of areas.

You’ll be a great candidate for the AccuTite treatment if you’re looking for a way to enjoy tighter, firmer skin in the:

  • Brow
  • Smile lines
  • Upper eyelids
  • Lower eyelids
  • Neck
  • Bra area
  • Thighs

How the Procedure Works

AccuTite utilizes radio frequency that passes through the tissues of your skin via a set of external electrodes on the surface of your skin. It is designed to address hard-to-reach areas within the face, creating long-lasting results with minimal downtime. In most cases, your procedure can be completed in less than twenty minutes. Your treatment will begin with local anesthesia to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the experience. A cannula will be inserted under the surface of the skin in the treatment area through a very small incision, while an electrode will deliver radiofrequency energy into your skin’s tissues. Fat will be liquefied with the use of this RF energy, enabling it to be manually removed with ease as your tissues are tightened and formed from the inside out. After the procedure is over, you’ll experience minor swelling and bruising that will resolve within a few days, leaving you to enjoy an enhanced look and exciting results.

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