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Chin Augmentation

The shape, size, and projection of your chin have a significant impact on your overall sense of facial harmony. If you’re not happy with the way your chin contributes to your appearance, you might feel like this is a simple fact of life. The truth is that Dr. Mark Albert is here to help you enjoy an appearance that makes you feel satisfied, attractive, and confident, thanks to his extensive experience with chin augmentation surgery. This procedure can utilize a number of different techniques to help you enjoy your ideal look, augmenting your chin and jawline in a way that emphasizes your natural good looks and subtly enhances your existing sense of facial harmony. Dr. Mark G. Albert MD, FACS has extensive experience with facial plastic surgery and has earned a reputation in the NYC area for creating exemplary results that exceed his patients’ expectations.

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Chin Augmentation Results Created by Dr. Mark G. Albert

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Is Chin Augmentation Right for Me?

We recommend considering chin augmentation if you’re primarily interested in a way to improve your facial appearance, creating a more defined sense of balance and a more direct proportion between your features for a more harmonious overall look. While this procedure isn’t exactly designed to address aspects of the aging process, it can help you adjust physical characteristics that may have been frustrating you for your entire life. In this way, chin augmentation can significantly boost your quality of life, enabling you to feel more confident with your appearance and the look you show off to those around you.

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How Chin Augmentation Can Help

Chin augmentation is a great way to change features that might feel like permanent fixtures on your face. Dr. Albert’s extensive experience with facial plastic surgery enables him to choose the surgical technique that’s right for you, creating results that will enhance your look without making it clear that you’ve had a surgical procedure performed.

Chin augmentation can help you:

  • Increase the length or width of your chin
  • Balance your facial profile more effectively
  • Reduce undue emphasis on your nose
  • Smooth over a dimpled chin
  • Strengthen a weak jawline
  • Address the presence of jowls

Your Initial Consultation with Dr. Mark G. Albert

Your consultation experience gives both you and Dr. Albert the opportunity to learn about each other and establish a comfortable rapport while you work together to create your ideal cosmetic results. Once he’s learned about your goals, Dr. Albert will work with you to explore the various treatment options that we offer, developing a customized treatment plan that will see you enjoying your final outcome.

In many cases, we’re able to recommend non-surgical alternatives or complementary procedures that can either enhance your surgical results or create a similar outcome with a minimal recovery period. Our MedSpa is home to a number of exciting methods by which we can create your ideal outcome without any kind of extensive downtime or recovery period impacting your personal schedule.

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The Chin Augmentation Experience

In most cases, chin augmentation is performed under general anesthesia and can be completed in one to two hours. This will depend on the exact technique and approach used to create your results, which Dr. Albert will explore with you during your consultation. You’ll be given a clear idea as to what you can expect from the experience, and Dr. Albert will answer any questions that you might have.

Chin Implants

To create your results, Dr. Albert may place a physical implant that can augment and enhance the size or projection of your chin. Your implant will be customized according to your unique facial structure, and Dr. Albert will make small incisions that enable him to place it in a position where it will create your ideal outcome.

Fat Transfer

The fat transfer (or “fat grafting”) chin augmentation technique can utilize excess fat that was harvested from a part of your body. The fat will be taken from an area where there is plenty to spare, at which point it will be purified and then injected carefully into the treatment area to create subtle and naturalistic improvements.

The Recovery Process

After your chin augmentation procedure, you’ll be able to drive home to begin the recovery process. You’ll experience swelling and discomfort, but our team will ensure that you’re given everything you need to recover as comfortably as possible. Before your surgery, we’ll provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and a thorough timeline of your recovery process. You may be asked to wear a support garment while you heal to ensure that your tissues remain in place, and keep the implant where it is supposed to be. Your recovery period will depend on the technique used to create your results. Most patients find that bruising and swelling have subsided after about 10 days. You can likely resume your normal routine after two weeks.

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Creating Your Exemplary Results

As one of the few plastic surgeons to have received his post-residency training in aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Mark G. Albert brings an impressive level of skill, expertise, and training to our practice. He completed his aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, one of the most prestigious fellowships available in the country.

His commitment to excellence has earned him a reputation for incredible results that consistently exceed his patients’ expectations. To learn more about how Dr. Albert can help you enjoy an enhanced look and a boosted sense of confidence, reach out to Albert Plastic Surgery at our NYC offices today. A member of our team is standing by and will be excited to help you set up your initial consultation.

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