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At Albert Plastic Surgery in NYC, we work closely with our male clients to create a more attractive, youthful look. Dr. Albert performs precision procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, customized to match the wishes of the individual. He is respected throughout the medical community for his ability to produce exceptionally natural-looking results.

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Facelift and Necklift for men

A facelift or neck lift, or both, will dramatically enhance the male profile, smoothing wrinkles, lines, creases, sagging under-chin skin and fat, and restoring a firm, defined facial look. For a remarkably natural, refreshed look, our male clients trust Dr. Albert to perform custom facial surgeries that restore a more youthful look without being overdone or obviously the result of surgery.


The male nose structure can enhance the facial structure, or when the nose is too large for the other features, has a visible hump on the bridge, a bulbous nose tip, or other flaws, these issues can be corrected to create a more refined, appealing profile, ideally balanced with the other features.

Revision rhinoplasty

Men come to Dr. Albert for his exceptional talent in complex facial surgeries, including revising a failed nose reshaping surgery. Revision rhinoplasty can be performed when the result of a prior nose surgery failed to meet expectations, created asymmetry, caused breathing problems, or was performed incorrectly, with the nose bridge collapsing due to failure to use the proper surgical techniques. Any of these issues can be corrected with a precision surgical revision performed by Dr. Albert.

Eyelid Surgery

Saggy folds on the eyelids can leave a man looking tired and old, even when well-rested. A subtle eyelid surgery, performed with ultimate precision, will create a refreshed, healthy appearance to the upper face without looking to have been achieved with surgery. For superior outcomes in eyelid surgery for men, Dr. Albert is a leading facial plastic surgeon for men in NYC, who is known for exceptional talent in performing eyelid surgery on men.

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Mandible implants

The “mandible” is a medical term for the lower jaw. A mandible implant, or jaw implant, allows men to transform a smaller or receding jawline into a masculine, structured look. The implant placed will be carefully selected to create the ideal balance between the upper and lower face and an attractive profile. A mandible implant can treat issues such as a small chin, uneven chin, sloping chin, or receding chin.

Chin implants

Many men choose to undergo chin implant surgery to create a masculine facial balance by adding volume to the chin structure. Every chin implant surgery for men is 100% customized to ensure the ideal facial balance creates an undeniably masculine look. 

Brow lift

The male brow can become creased, lined, or heavy. The sagging tissue can leave an older, brooding, tired, or even angry facial look. A custom brow lift can smooth away creases and lines, and restore the eyebrows to the natural, youthful position, to create a more appealing, youthful look that appears entirely natural.

Male breast reduction

Many men struggle with excess breast tissue, whether inherited, age-related, or as a side effect of medication. The excess tissue can be removed to create an attractive, structured look that is universally recognized as an appealing male feature.

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Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

Nature dictates that men store fat on the abdomen.

A bulging abdomen is one of the most difficult physical features to resolve, even with a tough workout regimen. A tummy tuck can be performed to create a structured, firm abdomen by removing excess fat, skin, and tissue and tightening the underlying muscle structure. Some men may require only liposuction to remove excess fat, while others may need a combination of a tummy tuck and lipo to produce the firm, fit look associated with youth and health. 


At Albert Plastic Surgery in NYC, men can expect the ultimate precision approach with injectables such as BOTOX to smooth forehead creases and lines, frown lines between the brows, and crow’s feet. Dermal fillers can be injected to add subtle volume at the jawline, cheeks, or chin or to smooth laugh lines or chin lines without the need to undergo a surgical correction.

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Hair transplant

A thick, healthy head of hair is an attractive feature in men. Unfortunately, many men, over time, see the hair thinning, with a receding hairline, balding areas, and the hair strands becoming thinner and finer. With a custom hair transplant, a more youthful look can be restored. When the transplant is performed with world-class techniques, the end result is exceptionally natural, not the obvious, row-by-row look of older hair transplant techniques.


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Why do male patients choose Albert Plastic Surgery in NYC?

Not all plastic surgeons are equal in ability, skill, and artistry, particularly when it comes to male patients. Dr. Albert is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon who has garnered a reputation for excellence in the industry. He understands the male perspective and the desire to look younger and more vital, with the results appearing genuine and natural. When under his care, men are confident the treatment is being performed by a leader in the field. Dr. Albert has the rare honor of being the Program Director of Aesthetic Fellowships for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is a widely respected professional who performs custom, precision surgeries for men in NYC.

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