A mommy makeover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures that can give women back their pre-baby body. While our Manhattan and New York City mommy makeover patients typically focus on procedures for the breasts and abdomen, a mommy makeover can include a variety of other treatments based on each person’s unique needs and goals.

Dr. Mark Albert is an expert in the aesthetic plastic surgery procedures that are part of a mommy makeover. He currently serves as the director of the aesthetic surgery fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital—the oldest and most prestigious program of its kind in the country. In this role and through his practice, he teaches and develops advanced techniques in a range of aesthetic surgeries.

As a patient, you can expect attentive and professional treatment through Dr. Albert’s Manhattan based plastic surgery practice. Continuity of care is one of the tenets of his work. Dr. Albert  is committed to helping his Manhattan and New York patients look the way they want throughout their lives and achieving total satisfaction with their treatment.

Why NYC Patients Choose a Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can contribute to changes in the way your abdomen and breasts look, including excess skin, sagging, and areas of unwanted fat. A mommy makeover is a series of cosmetic procedures that helps new mothers in NYC rejuvenate these features for a youthful and attractive appearance. Almost invariably, Dr. Albert’s patients report being thrilled with the transformative results they achieve in his care.

A mommy makeover plastic surgery program  can address the changes that pregnancy and breastfeeding cause through several aesthetic procedures.

Abdominoplasty plastic surgery. Dr. Albert removes excess skin and unwanted fat and re-contours the abdomen with a tummy tuck. In a full version of the procedure, he will also bring together the abdominal muscles that have widened during pregnancy to give patients a tighter, firmer figure.

Breast lift and augmentation surgery. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause changes in the size, shape, and fullness of the breasts and position of the nipples. With a breast lift and augmentation, Dr. Albert can give Manhattan and New York City patients fuller, more youthful breasts that accentuate their figure in a natural-looking way.

Liposuction. Dr. Albert frequently uses liposuction in combination with other aesthetic procedures to give patients an overall fitter appearance. The technique helps him create smooth contours, natural transitions between areas of the body, and eliminate areas of fat.

Dr. Albert can include these and other procedures in your treatment plan based on what you want to accomplish. The design of the mommy makeover is your own, as this is your opportunity to achieve your personal aesthetic vision.


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Dr. Albert’s Approach and Your Options with a Mommy Makeover in NYC

During your initial consultation in our Manhattan plastic surgery center, you will discuss the areas and features of your body that you would like to address with a mommy makeover. Dr. Albert gives his Manhattan and New York City patients extensive one-on-one time, both so that they can explore different treatments and also learn about his approach to their care.

Dr. Albert has extensive practice in the various procedures included in a mommy makeover, and he prioritizes the patient experience at every step in the process:

  • Mothers are sometimes worried about taking time away for treatment with all of the other responsibilities they have. Dr. Albert can arrange procedures so that your surgery and recovery work for your schedule.
  • Dr. Albert can typically combine treatments into the same surgical session. This will help reduce the overall recovery period for most patients.
  • Regardless of the procedures you choose for your mommy makeover, Dr. Albert will apply advanced techniques and focus on minute details to give you the most natural-looking and aesthetically appealing results possible.

Your Experience with Mommy Makeover in NYC

Typically, Manhattan and New York City patients have their treatment under general anesthesia. Because mommy makeover can address several areas of the body and include multiple procedures, it can take several hours to complete.

For the abdominoplasty, Dr. Albert will remove excess skin and fat and tighten the abdominal muscles. He will utilize a long-acting local anesthetic in the surgical area, which can significantly improve your comfort for several days after surgery.

During the breast augmentation and lift, Dr. Albert will raise and center the nipples and add natural-looking fullness to the breasts. Patients may opt to have only a breast lift if they are happy with the size of their breasts already, though Dr. Albert typically recommends adding an implant or your own fat to maintain fullness over time.

The method of liposuction that Dr. Albert performs will depend on your needs and preferences. He has experience in a variety of techniques and will focus on placing incisions where scars will remain hidden by natural folds in the skin. Patients may also benefit from RF-assisted lipolysis, which can both eliminate areas of fat and tighten loose skin.

Recovery and Results from a Mommy Makeover

Manhattan and New York City patients should expect some discomfort immediately following surgery, though Dr. Albert will improve this experience through the use of long-lasting local anesthesia and by recommending medication for pain management.

It is important to walk around after a mommy makeover and procedures such as tummy tuck. Dr. Albert will talk with you about ways to promote your recovery and how to care for surgical sites. Swelling is also common after breast-related procedures. Following a breast augmentation and lift, a unique two-part dressing system is used to cover your incisions and promote healing with minimal scarring.

With both the abdominoplasty and breast procedures, scar care is integral to minimizing signs of surgery. Based on your skin type, Dr. Albert may recommend silicone sheeting, silicone tape, or laser treatments to soften and flatten scars.

Most moms who have the procedure want to know how quickly they can return to everyday activities. The total time that your recovery takes will depend on the procedures you have as well as the rate at which your body tends to heal. For most people, this means returning to light exercise about three weeks post-op and back to normal exercise about six weeks after surgery. Once you have fully healed, you can enjoy the full results of your treatment: a rejuvenated appearance that returns your body to its pre-baby state.

Restore fullness to your breasts, firmness to your belly, and achieve a tighter, fitter body contour with a mommy makeover. Manhattan and New York City patients can contact Dr. Albert online or by phone at (212) 203-8623 to learn more.


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