Rhinoplasty is a facial plastic surgery that improves the aesthetics of the nose; sometimes referred to as a nose job. Our patients in NYC may also choose rhinoplasty to improve their ability to breathe, to eliminate whistling from a deptal perforation, or other functional reasons.

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Dr. Mark Albert combines technical expertise in rhinoplasty with an artistic approach for plastic surgery. As director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital’s aesthetic surgery fellowship and as a former fellow, he offers patients excellence in facial surgeries and dedication to their care. His knowledge of aesthetic ideals helps patients achieve attractive results that are in harmony with their other features.

Why Patients Choose to Have Rhinoplasty in NYC

The nose is a central feature of the face and may define a person’s aesthetic identity. Through rhinoplasty with Dr. Albert in his Manhattan, NY plastic surgery center, patients can achieve fine-detail change to the nose’s physical characteristics as well as functional improvement.

Some of the most common concerns that Dr. Albert addresses with rhinoplasty are:

  • Width and height of the nose
  • Rotation or curvature of the nose
  • Degree of the slope or a bump on the slope
  • Size and shape of the nose and the nose’s tip

Rhinoplasty can also fix a deviated septum, a condition in which the nasal septum is off-center. This procedure can significantly improve your ability to breathe, and Dr. Albert can also make changes to the outer appearance of your nose during the surgery if you desire.

Dr. Albert’s Approach and Your Options with a Rhinoplasty in NYC

During your initial consultation, Dr. Albert will spend a lot of time asking questions and finding out which aspects of your nose you want to change. Consider bringing along photos that demonstrate the qualities you might want for your own nose. Once Dr. Albert understands your concerns, he will talk through any other revisions that might help you achieve your goals.

Dr. Albert will base his approach to surgery on your individual needs. Chin implant is often performed in combination with rhinoplasty to achieve facial harmony and balance. Manhattan and New York City rhinoplasty patients benefit from his expertise in a range of techniques, including:

Closed rhinoplasty. This surgery, while often more complex, is less disruptive to the nose tissue compared to the open technique, which means less swelling after the rhinoplasty. During a closed procedure, Dr. Albert can see the changes to the nose as he operates. This enables him to get the most precise result. There is also no visible scar with a closed rhinoplasty.

Open rhinoplasty. While this surgery is more widely performed, it can be more invasive. Dr. Albert will place sutures in the columella (the area between the nostrils) to keep the incision as unnoticeable as possible.

Secondary rhinoplasty. This version of the surgery is for Manhattan and New York City patients who have already chosen rhinoplasty with another physician but who are not satisfied with the results. Dr. Albert frequently conducts procedures to improve upon previously-performed rhinoplasty operations and can help patients achieve the outcome they originally desired.


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Your Experience with Rhinoplasty in NYC

Dr. Albert values patient satisfaction with him as their plastic surgeon, and he values partnership in care. You will play an active role in defining your goals with the plastic surgery procedure and in establishing the surgical plan. At every step in the process, Dr. Albert will make efforts to ensure that you are well-informed about your options and steps in the process.

The day of your rhinoplasty surgery, you will receive general anesthesia so that you can stay comfortable throughout the experience. During the procedure, Dr. Albert will address the concerns you and he discussed, including the size, shape, and projection of your nose. If he will be repairing a deviated septum, he may use cartilage grafts from the septum to improve your ability to breathe.

Each rhinoplasty is unique and the amount of time the procedure takes will depend on the scope of changes Dr. Albert makes. Regardless of the surgical plan, he will take the time to address every detail and to give you the most artistically-sculpted nose possible.

Recovery and Results from Rhinoplasty

Dr. Albert will apply local anesthesia to maximize your comfort immediately following surgery. Most patients find that discomfort is manageable in the days after the surgery and take pain medication as necessary. Dr. Albert’s rhinoplasty patients usually wear a splint for about five days after the procedure. In most cases, he does not need to place packing in the nose, which makes for an easier recovery.

Dr. Albert will see his rhinoplasty patients five days after the surgery to remove their sutures. About one week after the procedure, most swelling should be subsiding, and patients can stop wearing the splint. Most people can return to light exercise at three weeks and full activities such as weightlifting after six weeks.

You will be able to see your final results almost immediately with a closed rhinoplasty and after a few weeks with an open procedure. As a result of your surgery, you can expect a nose that is more refined and in harmony with your other facial features.

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your nose or if you have problems breathing, you might be a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Manhattan and New York City patients should contact Dr. Albert online or by phone at (212) 203-8623.


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